Combat theft within retail establishments with effective access control solutions


Theft is increasingly becoming common in the retail sector and this calls for access control solutions that will improve the security and safeguard the inventory.

It has become easy for workers to snatch some items from the storage area and the traditional camera monitoring is just not enough to combat the high rise of theft that most retail shops experience on a daily basis.

Effective access control solutions is the key to inventory security. Whether you are trying to keep track of staff activity, control inventory risk, or prevent cargo thefts, customizable electromechanical locking systems will solve all your problems.

ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of access control solutions for your store, remote business locations and even your moving cargo on the road. This allows you to keep track of all your inventory from where ever it may be.

The CLIQ™ system enables full control of who enters which areas in your business in a flexible and secure way. This system is suitable for your remote locations where merchandise is kept. Each employee can be granted individual access rights based on time and date depending on their shift requirements. For remote locations, it is crucial to know the exact time the person entered the site, and this system enables a real-time audit trail. The CLIQ key allows you to store audit trails, making it easier to keep record of when the lock was opened. This means that managers do not have to be on site all the time to keep track on their employees.

ASSA ABLOY also offers the solution you need to keep the goods in your vehicle protected from theft. The Mul-T-Lock WatchLock® padlock integrates GPS location services as well as mobile communication technology to keep you informed of where the lock was opened. The padlock sends you real-time alerts via email or text message whenever someone has opened or closed it, with the location of where it is. 

At ASSA ABLOY, security solutions are endless. There is a solution for all your retail needs to keep it safe and running.

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