Five questions to ask when choosing padlocks


Selecting the most effective padlocks for your premises is based on a variety of factors. Although you might be tempted to select something based on price or even aesthetic appearance, we would encourage you to delve a little deeper into your options.

At ASSA ABLOY, we’re the trusted specialists in door closing solutions. It’s why our padlocks are suitable for commercial and domestic use. We take great care to educate our customers in order to help them make the most effective choices for their own unique needs. From standard padlocks to more advanced variations, how do you know which one is best for your specific application? We’ve compiled a check-list of five questions to ask yourself before you make the purchase. 

Question 1: What environment will it be used in?

Considering the environment that the lock will be used in is one of the first steps you should take. If you wish to utilise the padlock in a more general or outdoor environment, a standard option with a hardened shackle will do the trick. Although you might notice the shackle discolouring after some time has passed, this sort of change won’t impact the security factor of your padlock. For more harsh environments like those that involve extreme elements and exposure to changing weather, a weatherproof lock makes perfect sense.

Question 2: How valuable are the items that need to be locked away?

Why you need high security or insurance padlocks is just as important as how you intend to use them. Usually, you choose a certain padlock based on the value of the things that need to be secured. If you’re using it to safeguard expensive machinery in a warehouse, you might want to consider a higher-security option. This is because expensive possessions pose a larger temptation to criminals who will go to great lengths in order to steal them. The greater the temptation, the more security you’ll need to protect them. For items less valuable, you can use a more standard padlock.

Question 3: Does it look right for the application?

Don’t be fooled by the size of a padlock. This won’t always indicate exceptional strength or high quality. The same can be said for smaller, pricier options. Another factor to consider is how many you need. This in itself presents a concern in the growing number of keys that will need to safely stored and accounted for. If this is the case, combination padlocks are a great solution. These offer an added line of defence in the form of a combination that must be correctly entered before the lock is opened. This also means fewer keys to contend with. It is important to remember that not all combination padlocks are suitable for high-security applications. Thus, it is vital to speak to an expert on which padlock will offer you the height of security and ease of use.

Then there are the electromechanical padlocks. These can be stand-alone like the Watchlock which can SMS you the location of the padlock when it was locked or unlocked, as well as the time and date which is great for logistics or moving assets. They could be part of a system like eCliq – full access control system with auditable functionality. These would typically form part of an overall commercial access control system and again are utilised for high value assets or higher security areas like offices and vaults.

Question 4: What standards does the padlock meet?

The accreditations of the manufacturer are just as important as the padlock that you end up buying. Don’t be fooled by brand names alone, you need the standards that back them up. At ASSA ABLOY, we offer some of the world’s most respected solutions that deliver on the optimum blend of security, quality and international standards. This allows us to provide our customers with reputable solutions that give them priceless peace of mind.

If you are currently looking at purchasing new padlock options for your premises, why not get in touch with us today. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you in selecting from our extensive range. For more on the ASSA Abloy legacy and offering, please visit our website and contact us.