Four signs that it’s time for a new access control system


When running a business, security is a primary concern regardless of your type of operation. This makes the likes of electric locks and access control systems a vital tool in any organisations safety protocol. They’ve proven their worth time and time again for their ability to safeguard all kinds of premises, too.

From security to usability and even convenience, it’s no wonder many successful businesses trust these kinds of entrance measures to improve their safety in the workplace. The known benefits of access control solutions like an eCLIQ Access control system are numerous and include the following:

  • A safer working environment for all.
  • Better protection of employees, company data and expensive assets.
  • It acts as an electronic logbook of who has entered and exited your building.
  • There are no key issues like loss, theft or cloning that results in crime and losses to your business.
  • Some systems can facilitate remote access for added convenience.
  • Ex-employees can be removed quickly from your system limiting your risk of breaches in security.
  • Tracking of staff and visitor movement for health and safety processes

Whilst you might already have a system in place, how do you know if it’s time for an update? For example, you might be using a Code Handle to secure your premises, but an additional safety measure would definitely help. As the global leaders in door closing solutions, our years of expertise allow us to adequately advise our customers on selecting products that address their needs and budgets. Here are a few signs that it is time for an upgrade.

1)    If your business has grown

Whilst growth is definitely a great sign that you’re thriving, it does come with its own set of challenges. The more employees you have, the tougher it can be to manage their comings and goings. This can pose a real risk to your premises, assets and fellow employees. An updated system that facilitates speedy employee on boarding can grant access to new staff without needing to wait as long. The same can be said for those who are leaving the company who need to be removed from the system on their last day.

2)    If you recently had a security breach

There’s nothing like a break in or an office incident to make you up the security ante. With an updated system that accurately manages your business’ access control, you’ll be able to get to the root of the issue and prevent similar happenings in the future. Imagine how much more productive you and your staff will be with peace of mind on your side?

3)    If you’re finding there are too many keys to contend with

Some studies show that the average person spends ten minutes per day figuring out which keys fit into each lock they encounter. If you have considered the number of keys your employees have to manage and use, it could be costing you valuable productivity every day. In addition, more keys equal more chances for lost or cloned keys, which could mean a higher incidence of security breaches. If you believe that there could be a better way for your staff to enter and make their way around the office, it’s time for a new solution.

4)    If your existing access system is now outdated

You upgrade your phone, laptop and other business technologies so why wouldn’t you do the same for your access measures? Whilst the system you had installed ten years ago might work just fine, it could be faster and more user-friendly. Although there is a cost outlay in order to make the necessary updates, the pay-off is certainly worth it when your premises and staff are safe. Older systems are also at risk of being compromised so it makes sense to upgrade yours if the time is right.

5)    If you want to broaden the scope of your access control

If you want to incorporate all elements in your business onto one access control system. ASSA ABLOY systems allow you to include your driveway gate, electricity distribution boards, server racks and even plant and machinery like forklifts onto one single easy to use access control system

If you feel it might be time, call the experts!

At ASSA ABLOY, our legacy is one of trusted security that our customers have come to rely on. By offering the most respected names internationally, we’ve been able to give our clientele priceless peace of mind. For more on our solutions that deliver effective access control for you and your business why not speak to one of our experts today? To visit our website and get in touch with us, please click here.