Panic Escape Devices built with safety in mind


Fires in public buildings are very dangerous, to both lives and property. That is why panic exit devices (also known as emergency escape hardware) are critical on fire doors. These help ensure that everyone evacuates the building as safely and quickly as possible while maintaining the fire in one place.

Panic exit devices are fitted on a door that is intended to be used in case of an emergency situation and they are of critical importance in public buildings such as malls, schools and hospitals, as well as private buildings like corporate offices and even government offices.

The panic escape devices from ASSA ABLOY come in a horizontal form of either a touch bar or push bar. These devices are easy to use as they react to pressure from any body part to allow the doors to open when needed, making it easy for emergency situations where people are in panic mode. They are also easy to push for those with limited mobility or in wheelchairs.

Building owners are often worried about managing easy exit with high security. With ASSA ABLOY’s exit devices, you never have to worry about security as the devices can be connected to the access control or the fire alarm system which will immediately notify you when the door is being used. Security can also be ensured by not being able to use the door from the outside, making the door only available for exiting. These panic escape devices from ASSA ABLOY are fire-rated (according to building regulations) and can resist heat and fire for up to two hours depending on the requirements of the door.

Make sure your building is fire-safe and secure. Check your fire doors and ensure they are in working order!

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