Biometric Locks

Smart in design, quality, reliability, convenience and security. The TS370 Fingerprint Lock is suitable for both home and office use - on existing and new doors.

The system is easy to install, program and use and has the added convenience of the user not having to worry about finding or managing keys. The master user is able to allow and disallow access to the premised through an easy to use program on the unit.

Other features of the Fingerprint Lock are:

  • 25 users can be programed into the Fingerlock, which is made up of 5 master users who control the programming of the lock and a further 20 operational users who can be given permission to use the lock to open the door.
  • The fingerprint rim lock required four AA Alkaline batteries with a lifespan of one-year based on ten transactions per day, namely 5000 authentications.
  • The lock is supplied in a natural aluminium material finish.
  • Manual or auto locking mode.
  • Disable or night switch function - preventing the lock from being opened by external users.
  • Low battery alarm - warning when battery life is low.
  • Emergency override - 9 volt battery terminal at the underside of the Fingerlock will allow a master user to open the door.
  • Easy programming and deletion functionality on the Fingerlock.

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