What´s trending in access control?

In access control, smarter, greener, connected, integrated ecosystems are the logical next step.

Rapid global urbanization and technological change impact everyone’s daily security and access management routines. People expect connectivity and convenience everywhere: modern life should be a series of seamless experiences, faster and easier for everyone.

Access technologies — hardware and software — must be ready to take it.

Smarter buildings

Smart is for now, not just the future. Smart buildings already enjoy an 8% premium in rents and 24% premium in value, according to PwC10. Every intelligent door becomes one node in a smart building (or smart hospital). More efficient building management — including responsive access control — enables better utilisation of space.

How far will managers and users experience real benefits from smart buildings? The answer will depend on how effectively they leverage integration between functions which are currently separate.

Greener buildings

Sustainable buildings make sense, both economically and ethically. “Commercial buildings account for 14% of energy consumption in the UK, and 30 to 50% of that energy is routinely wasted,” according to one energy management strategist. Energy efficiency is particularly important in Europe, where customers pay some of the highest unit electricity prices in the world.

Smart cities need sustainable solutions in every function. They also require stronger security and data-driven decision-making. No surprise, then, to learn from the Harvard Business Review: “Energy… was once hidden deep in procurement [but] is rising to take its place among the key levers of business success.”

Data analytics

Software is security’s new frontier. “Access control software will play a critical role as the groundwork for future innovation in advanced analytics [and] big data processing,” according to IHS Markit Technology’s recent Access Control Software Report. Without data and the ability to process it, there is no smart building, nor any way to measure sustainability or efficiency accurately and in real time.


Across so many industries — including security — future-oriented solutions must think bigger than technologies, devices or even systems. In one McKinsey survey, 76% of business leaders identified “ecosystems” as the main agent of change for existing business models.

With our revolutionary Incedo ecosystem, organizations can manage all their security, access and building management technologies in one place. It gives you the flexibility to make better, faster, data-informed business decisions.