ASSA ABLOY Incedo: Wireless Door Locks

Incedo offers a wide choice of wireless locking devices to ensure only authorized employees or visitors access any sensitive area of your premises. All Incedo-enabled wireless locks are compatible with card and token credentials, as well as our Incedo Mobile Keys. Users only carry one programmable credential.

With wireless door locks, you add powerful, versatile security to many more doors without breaking the bank — extending the reach of access control far beyond the front entrance. Battery-powered wireless locks are cheaper to install and more cost-effective to run than traditional wired electronic locks.

ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning Aperio® wireless locks work seamlessly within your Incedo ecosystem, whichever smart software option you choose.

The Aperio range of wireless locks includes cylinders, escutcheons, security locks and electronic handles with inbuilt RFID readers. Aperio locks are available to fit doors in multiple geographical formats and styles.

Aperio technology already powers connected, keyless locking at premises all over the world, including offices, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial spaces, public buildings and many more locations.

The range of Incedo-enabled wireless locks will continue to grow, offering both online and offline integration with your Incedo platform.

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