The UNION Codehandle is a patented lever furniture design, with integral access control, providing easy, convenient key-less locking for internal doors.

Codehandle is an ideal, cost effective way to restrict access to areas such as private offices, storerooms and other locations in light commercial and residential properties, where convenience is the main priority.

How it works

Codehandle is easy to fit, with no wires, cables or specialist skill required. It provides an easy way to convert an existing door to a digitally controlled door, offering total convenience. It is the ideal solution for many areas, such as storerooms and meeting rooms, where you wish to restrict access without having to distribute and monitor ownership of keys.

Codehandle has an attractive compact design making it suitable for many environments. It is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to other bulky keypad locks, which could look unsightly in commercial settings.

Codehandle has both manual and automatic locking modes. The device has one master code, used for managing users and settings, and nine user codes that can be changed an unlimited number of times.

Entering an incorrect code five times blocks the handle for three minutes, long enough to deter the opportunist intruder. The lock-out is removed by entering a correct user code.

The handle provides both visual and acoustic feedback to operation. Acoustic feedback can be switched off with use of the master code. The product is powered by two CRV, 3V lithium batteries, which provide approximately 100,000 operations. A low battery warning will begin at 500 remaining operations, and codes will not be lost when the batteries are removed.

Finished in satin stainless steel with satin chrome trim, Codehandle is supplied as a lever handle set, complete with roses, spindles, fixings and instructions.

To facilitate the mechanical override feature, UNION recommends that the handle is used with a Euro standard lock with cylinder to latch functionality, such as UNION's L-2215-78SS/SL Silent Latch Sashlock.

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