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Downloads Aperio™ PAP-Tool

PAP Tool Software Online (Ver.
PAP Tool Software Offline (Ver.

PAP Tool Quick installation guide
PAP Tool User Manual

Downloads Aperio™ Mounting Instructions

C100/C900 cylinder (DIN) (PDF)
C100/C900 cylinder demountable knob (DIN) (PDF)

E100/E900 escutcheon (DIN) (PDF) 
E100/E900 Premium escutcheon (DIN) (PDF) 
E100/E900 escutcheon (Scandinavian) (PDF) 

L100 lock (DIN) (PDF)
L100 lock (Scandinavian) (PDF)
L100 lock (Finnish) (PDF)
L100 lock battery kit (PDF)

AH15 hub (PDF)
AH20-AH30 hub (PDF)
AH40 hub (PDF)

AS100 door position sensor (PDF)

Watching Aperio™ Installation videos
Take a look at the video's below, demonstrating just how easy it is to install Aperio™

 "Time challange" - Installation of Aperio™ cylinder in less then 2 minutes

"Aperio™ cylinder with a DIN Sashlock"

Aperio™ cylinder with a DIN Nightlatch

Aperio™ escutcheon with a DIN Sashlock

Aperio™ escutcheon with a DIN Nightlatch

Aperio™ RS485 hub

Download Aperio™ logos and product images

Aperio logos

Image pack Aperio cylinders

Image pack Aperio escutcheons

Image pack Aperio locks

Image pack Aperio hubs

Image pack Aperio illustrations