eCLIQ System: The key to electronic locking

More durable, more secure and more efficient than conventional locking systems.

The security demands on public buildings and industrial premises grow more complex every day. Modern locking systems must meet the challenge with reliable protection and maximum flexibility: the new CLIQ® system eCLIQ delivers. And more than that, eCLIQ is robust enough to withstand anything the climate throws at it.

Why choose electronic locking?

The electronic advantage:
high security
  Durable cylinders and keys,
plus powerful microelectronics
  Flexible access

eCLIQ is a system of programmable keys and compact, secure locking cylinders, offering you:

  • Minimize the risks associated with lost keys
  • Flexibility to manage constantly changing access requirements
  • Enhanced security with CLIQ® chip generation using AES encryption
  • Durability due to robust hardware∙Easy installation –no wiring required
  • Clear audit trails

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