Elsafe Zenith Drawer

It provides superior design flexibility, allowing for placement inside drawers, cupboards... or anywhere in the room that it is most accessible and easy for guests to use. 

safe features zenith



  • Industry leading audit trail (500 events) : Flash memory
  • Reprogrammable configuration
  • ADA compliant telephone style keypad : 4-digit code
  • LED display for clear visible numbers : Green backlit keypad
  • Internal light
  • Push button to lock door
  • Powered with five (5) AA batteries : Low battery warning
  • Easy external battery change
  • Spring loaded door
  • Accommodates up to 17” laptop in certain models
  • Serviced by computerized service device with unique service code : Supports IR communication
  • Anti-tamper labyrinth
  • Internal carpet
  • Unique triangular locking bolt enforcement
  • Easy maintenance
  • 18 mm solid bolt locking mechanism 

Optional features

  • Anti tamper switch

  • Wireless RF online communication upgrade (requires online network)

  • Rental mode by activation code

  • Power outlet inside the safe 

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