Providing security and monitoring access in corporate environments

The protection of sensitive business information is of utmost importance. Because of this, office buildings and corporate environments call for a high level of security.

Office security solutions including security doors as well as physical and logical access control need to be flexible; they need to handle a flow of people with varying access permissions throughout the day, as well as allow for safe exit in case of emergency.

Large, global corporations may require a global access control system for all premises, which can be managed remotely.

There is also demand for convenience and ease of use for the employees who spend their days in the office – access control systems make this possible.

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Main entrances: automated sliding, revolving or swinging doors that can absorb high levels of traffic combined with electronic access control systems that allow remote monitoring from a central location to ensure that authorized personnel is granted entry and that visitor access is controlled at all times.
Office rooms: security doors and hardware combined with access control solutions using smart cards ensure the safety of information and valuables when unattended.
Conference rooms: access control solutions using smart cards and readers integrated with security doors fitted with electromechanical locks prevent unauthorized personnel to gain access to the room during important meetings and conferences.
Asset tracking: intelligent key cabinets and lockers easily integrated into wider access control solutions deliver additional protection through real-time audit-trails, tagging, and traceability of the facility’s most important assets.
Emergency exits: rapid exit solutions combining ease of egress security, including fit-for-purpose fire doors and panic exit systems that protect both people and property during emergencies and prevent intrusion from the outside at all times.